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Trimble Spectra Precision GL622 Dual Grade Laser

Brand: Automatic Levels

Product code: TRI4

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Maximum flexibility for Leveling, Grading and Vertical Alignment - Highly Accurate, Reliable, Durable, Easy-to-use and full-featured Automatic Self-Leveling Dual Grade Laser with Wide Range Class

The Spectra Precision GL622 dual grade laser is automatic self-leveling instrument, rugged and cost-effective easy to use, full-featured, and provides a wide range of classes + / - 25%. An intuitive keypad and display graphics make all the classes and alignment functions are easy to use and greatly reduces setup time and increase productivity. A matching remote control also simplifies all levels, grade, and vertical alignment settings task.

The GL622 offers automatic self-leveling in the classroom, the horizontal and vertical planes, and including the RC602 full-function radio remote control. Both remote and laser transmitter that has a large, graphical display and intuitive keypad make setup easier and faster than ever. Also backlit display for ease of viewing. With remote, contractors can do everything that they can do at the laser keypad, up to 330 feet away. The ability to make grade changes and alignments automatic remote start can significantly reduce setup time and speeds operation.

RC602 Remote Control
With RC602 remote, contractors can do everything that they can do at the laser keypad, up to 330 meters from the transmitter GL612. Using standard AA alkaline batteries, with 130 hours of life. RC602 is standard for dust and waterproof IP66

HL750 Laserometer
The GL622 includes advanced HL750 Laserometer, a very versatile receiver for basic leveling and aligning applications and advanced the use of new technology to measure and display the location of the beam, featuring a digital readout of elevation that shows you exactly how far you are from the classes that allow rapid elevation checks without moving the rod clamp. THe HL750 work with GL622 for Axis Automatic alignment, grade PlaneLok Match and applications. Key features include six in-class sensitivity, digital readout of elevation, the exact distance of the class shown, anti-strobe sensor to prevent false readings from the jobsite strobe lights, high revenue from 5 "to facilitate the acceptance of the file, and radio communication facilitates working with HL750 another for long distance wireless remote display and monitoring capabilities. GL622 With HL750 receiver that reach a diameter of up to 2,600 ft of work (1,300 ft radius of GL622 transmitter). HL750 is dust and waterproof to IP67 standards. With HL750, some advanced features can GL622 utilized:
Match grade: Wireless communication between the HL750 Laserometer and transmitters provide automatic Grade Matching allows measurement of unknown grade values between two points.
Plane-Lok: For applications that require maximum stability and accuracy, PlaneLok available in both horizontal and vertical planes. PlaneLok automatically locks the beam on the receiver and store it in the classroom, reducing the typical environmental factors that can cause errors.
Automatic Axis Alignment: Automatic alignment axis can be achieved with the receiver position at the hub in different directions + / -40 ° on axis laser desired. This allows contractors to easily perform alignments axis for applications such as sports fields class work, parking lots, tennis courts, driveways or irregular fields with non-perpendicular profile class.
Communication with another HL750: Also, HL750 Laserometer can communicate with another HL750 for long-range wireless remote display and monitoring.


The construction Laser GL622 provides complete solution:

Gen. leveling buildings such as forms, footers and pads
Dual-slope grading and steep slopes dig
-Precision placement of concrete for critical specification surfaces over long distances and with controlled Laser Screed
Drift-free general construction vertical alignment and upright for anchor bolt installation, formwork, tilt and curtain wall
Slope-work for sports fields, driveways, ramps and parking garage
Interior construction - layout of walls and drop ceiling installation network

Features and Benefits GL622
Automatic electronic self-leveling provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade and vertical plumb setup
Large class compensation ranged from -25% to +25% for each axis
Quick setup with radio remote control for horizontal applications, vertical and class
Electronic Leveling Vibration Filter dampen vibration typically experienced on tall tripods, in high wind or high vibration jobsites.
Automatic temperature compensation to ensure accuracy in all conditions of temperature, especially when the temperature changed significantly during use
Automatic Axis Alignment on the GL622 provides precise alignment axis alignment automatically to the desired point (range alignment for the second axis is + / -40 °)
Simple class match measure and display existing classes in an unknown land and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone calculations
PlaneLok locked automatically at the existing height or vertical alignment place that eliminate all possible errors due to drift or improper calibration or weather
Mask mode eliminates interference with other crews on the jobsite by allowing designated quadrant must be turned off
Adjustable rotation speed (from 0 to 900 rpm) coupled scanning mode on GL622 increases the flexibility of allowing the use of lasers in interior applications
Fully automatic vertical leveling
Long operating range - 2,600 ft diameter (with HL750)
Intuitive buttons and graphical display
Password secured

This package includes a transmitter GL622 GL622, Two (2) HL750 Laserometers, rod clamp, RC602 remote, NiMH batteries, charger, operation manual and case


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