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Northwest Instrument NTDM502 Total Station

Brand: Total Stations

Product code: NOR1

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 Item Includes:

5 "Total Station with Optical Plummet
RS-232C Data Port
Rechargeable Battery
Tool kit
Carrying Case hard
User Manual
One year manufacturer warranty

NTDM502 Total Station is built with a dual-axis compensation, ensuring accurate measurements. Advanced EDM shoots distance with 2mm +2 ppm @ D accuracy. On-board intelligence includes MLM, Stakeout, REM, area calculations and more. RS-232C data port works with data collectors and PC, which makes data transfer fast and easy. Laser Plummet (NTDM502L) ensures easy setup. Does your job require taking angles or distances, or perform reconnaissance and complicated layout functions, NTDM502 is a powerful tool to achieve higher efficiency.

Picture: Upright
Objective aperture (EDM): 45mm
Magnification: 30u00d7
Field of view: 1u00b020 '
Resolving power: 3.5 "
Mini Focus range: 1.1m

Angle measurement
Detecting system: incremental photoelectric encoder
Angle units: degree / gon / mil, selected
Minimum screen: 1 "/ 5" / 10 ", selected
Double, single vertical angle horizontal: Detect mode
Accuracy: 5 "

Distance units: m / ft, selected
Working range: single prism: 6000ft
Mini-reading: Neither mode 0.01ft, Tracking mode0.1ft
Accuracy: + / - (2mm + 2 ppm D)
Measurement time: Good Mode: 2 seconds, Tracking mode: 1sec
Temperature unit: u00baC/u00baF, selected
Pressure Unit: hPa / mmHg / inchHg, selected
Temperature input range: +60 to-30u00baC u00baC (step 1u00baC)
Pressure input range: 510hPa to 1066hPa (1hPa step)
Prism constant conditions:-99.9mm ~ 99.9 mm
Refraction and earth curvature correction: OFF/0.14/0.2, selected
Prism constant correction:-99.9mm to 99.9 mm

Sensitivity Levels bottle
Plate level 30 "/ 2mm
Circular level 8 '/ 2mm

System: Liquid dual axis
Range: + / -3 '
Resolving power: 1 "

Optical decreased (NTDM502)
Accuracy: + / - 0.8mm/1.5m
Picture: Upright
Magnification: 3u00d7
Focus range: 0.5m - infinity
Field of view 4u00b0

LCD: 8 linesu00d724 characters
Illumination: Yes
Internal memory: 16000 points
Data Port: I / O RS-232C
Power: Battery Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Voltage: 7.2V DC
Operation time: ~ 8 Hours Distance & Angle, Angle ~ 20 hours only
Chargers: 100V to 240V 50/60Hz
Charging time: (at +20 u00b0C) Approx. 4 hours
Working temperature:-20u00b0C - +50 u00b0C
Dimension: 220u00d7184u00d7360uff4duff4d (Wu00d7Du00d7H)
Weight: 14 pounds
Waterproof: IP54 (IEC60529)

RS-232C port data, working with data collectors, 6000 ft / Dual Axis single prism compensation, 2mm + / 2 2 ppm @ EDM distance accuracy.

Includes: Instrument, Rechargeable Battery Pack (2), Battery Charger, Data Cables, Tool Kits, Hard Carrying Case, and User Manual.


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