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Brand: Total Stations

Product code: SOK11

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This data logger is configured with:

Monochrome Display
Type 80C88 (8 MHz) processor
Operating system DR-DOS
Sokkia SDR33 Expert Software: See. 04-04,27
56-Key Keyboard
Cable Instrument Sokkia and Topcon total station
NiCd 780mAh

EXPERT VERSION: I think the SDR33 data collector is more reliable and robust dog buy megabyte version 4 SDR33 Expert is the top-of-the-line, built for the most demanding applications. The expert version adds functionality to get data digital levels and total stations and provides routines Staking extensive road.

4 MB MEMORY: With the 4-MB, which stores approximately 50,000 points dog. While it is true that you must download the data collected every day and Thata 2000 points is more than enough to store a day or two awkward working with extra memory provided in the megabyte version 4, you will have plenty of storage space stakeout multiple jobs stored in memory for quick access. If you find yourself frequently alternating Stake Between work and survey work on the same day or week, you will appreciate the ability to keep staking jobs stored in the data collector while leaving plenty of space for the data collected. With the 4-MB, there is never a need to eliminate staking work to accommodate the date collecti. Of course, you can keep staking jobs stored on the laptop or return to the office to submit jobs stakeout for the data collector, but you will be able to spend more time doing the work and less time loading or unloading in time if you keep your sights work in the SDR33 loaded, ready for quick access.

Compatibility: SDR33 includes an instrument cable whichis works with total stations and digital levels Sokkia and Topcon total stations on the right of the box. With the addition of an adapter cable (not included) SDR33 the dog may be used with other total stations a wide variety of manufacturers. The SDR33 firmware options are listed below in additiona instruments Sokkia instruments:

Pentax: PTSII / III, III / V / PCS, PTS-10
Geodimeter: 400/500/600
Zeiss Elta 2/3, Elta 46R, RL Elta, Elta 50, O. 10/20 digital level
Topcon: GTS/ET1/ET2, GTS-3, GTS300 (adapter cable for Topcon older model without RS-232 serial communications is the longest available from Sokkia party solution is available, but the cost is prohibitive.)
Wild: T1000, T1000 + DI, T1600, T1600 + DI, T2000, T2000 + DI, T1010/1610, T1010/1610 + DI, TCA110, TC / TCM series digital level NA2000/3000
Nikon:. A-Series, C-50 (The SDR33 not work with the old model DTM-1 and DTM-5 total stations, because they do not have RS-232 compliant If your total station Nikon has a 5-pin output data port, it will not work with the SDR33. If you have 6-pin output port data, it should work with the SDR33 and adapter cable required Sokkia available)


Installed Memory: 4 MB (approx. 53,000 Comments!)
Installed Software: See. 04 to 04.27 Expert
The data collector is used but in excellent condition.
The keyboard is brand new
The instrument cable: brand
The main battery is brand new (not OEM, 6.0V, 780 Mahr nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) (battery can diff in the brand and appearance thatâ shown in photos).
Reserve power batteries are brand new in retail packaging
The almost is: brand
The charger is brand new (not O.E.M.)
The data transfer cable is brand new (non-OEM - allow the transfer of data between the bottom 25-pin port on SDR33 and 9-pin serial port on PC) (trance Data Cable can diff in branding and appearance thatâ shown in pictures)

The CD includes:

Prolink Software to upload / download data from the PC SDR33.
Two. Reference material for basic operation and advanced roading.
Three. More than 1,000 pages of documentation.
April. More than 60 megabytes of software and information you will not find anywhere else.
May. Much, much more!


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