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Sokkia SX-105T Robotic Total Station

Brand: Total Stations

Product code: SOK19


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The 5-Second Total Station Sokkia SX-105T robotics industry revolutionizing the topography with its high laser range image, Bluetooth and EDM technology, combined with advanced monitoring and communication capabilities algorithms. Used in conjunction with On-Demand Remote Control System Sokkia, the long-term measures to 3280 feet, can be taken accurately and reliably from remote locations. Robotic total station SX also takes the shortest distance measurements without reflector in the industry as little as 1 foot! With the ability to perform all the necessary functions from the remote control system, the Sokkia SRX Series offers a new standard of measurement of the investigation.

Features Sokkia SX-105T (5 seconds) Robotic Total Station

5 seconds precision
On-Demand Remote Control System allows accurate measurement of the prism pole
Bluetooth enables wireless communication between the data collector and total station
Powerful software quickly perform COGO, SURV DTS, and measures ROAD
Search and lock automatically follows the position of the prism
Built-in directional sensor continuously monitors prism
Point navigation with real-time graphical and numerical display management and distances
Auto-pointing feature eliminates the need for manual focus of the telescope
Auto-score allows you to choose the speed fine or fast and accurate aiming
The Pinpoint laser technology allows precise measurement of the target
Laser pointer
Extremely accurate angle measurement using RAB
Dual-axis compensator
Accepts CompactFlash card, USB Type A and mini-USB port, USB
Share data with your smartphone
Dust tight and protected against splashing water at any angle
Use line or pole pine for the system pole
Release button with the thumb allows you to hold pole and easily take action
Color LCD touch screen
Graphic icons
Features adjustable contrast display
32 key alphanumeric keyboard ergonomic
Backlit display and keypad
Rechargeable standard Li-Ion

Specifications for Sokkia SX-105T (5 seconds) Robotic Total Station
Weight 15.2 pounds (6.9 kg)
Dimensions 8.0 in. x 8.0 in. x 14.8 in. (201 mm x 202 mm x 375 mm)
Protection class IP64 (protected against access to hazardous parts, dustproof, protected against splashing water from any angle)
Tripod thread 5/8 x 11 in.
500 MB internal memory
Magnet software
Base fixed
Speed Auto-Tracking 85 ° / sec (20 ° C) / 20 ° / sec
Guide light green and red LEDs, the working range: 4.3 ft to 492 ft (1.3 m to 150 m)
Angle measurement
Horizontal detection method: double, vertical: double
1-second/5-second minimum reading
Accuracy 5 seconds
Distance measurement
Unit of measurement (distance display) m / ft / in.
EDM Precision (Precision) ± (1.5 mm + 2 ppm x D) mm prism ± (2 mm + 2 ppm x D) mm lens for reflective sheet and reflector
Sensors / Tilt Compensator
Range ± 6 minutes
Type double inclination of the axis of liquid
Battery / Power
Power Source Li-ion rechargeable
4 hours autonomy
Battery Life Alert yes
Voltage 7.2V, 5.2Ah
Optical plummet
Right Image
Right Image
30x magnification
Field of view of 1 degree 30 minutes of arc
Resolving power of 2.5 minutes of arc
Closest focusing distance 4.30 ft (1.31 m)
Reflector yes
Display and keyboard
Type 3.5-inch QVGA transmissive TFT color LCD
Simple Sides
32 alphanumeric keys
Touch Screen Yes
Backlight yes
Pixels 324x240 pixels
Operating -4 º F to 122 º F (-20 º C to +50 º C)
Storage -4 º F to 122 º F (-20 º C to +50 º C)
Surveying and construction yes
Mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) yes
Utilities yes
Environmental Studies yes
Geomarking yes
Archaeology yes
Accident Reconstruction yes
Range (in favorable weather)
Single Prism 4.3 m to 19,685 ft (1.3 m to 6000 m)
No Prism 1 ft to 3,281 ft (0.3 to 1.000 m)
Mini Prism 4.3 to 8,200 feet (1.3 to 500 meters)
Reflector sheet 4.3 ft to 1640 ft (1.3 m to 500 m)
360 degree Prism 4.3 ft to 3,281 ft (1.3 m to 1000 m)
Point coordinate measuring yes
Angle and distance Stake Out yes
Stakeout yes
Offsets yes
Line missing yes
Elevation distance yes
Resection yes
Area calculating yes
Measuring time
Fine 0.9 s (1.6 s initial)
Rapid 0.6 (initial: 1.3 s)
Followed by 0.4 s (1.3 s initial)
Laser pointer
Class 3R
Reflector range from 1 ft to 1640 ft (0.3 m to 500 m)
Wavelength 650 nm - 690 nm
Bluetooth communication range: 1,969 ft (600 m)
USB memory USB device and USB port
Pin RS232C port
Operating System Windows CE
System Remote Control RC-PR5
Far operating range of operation: 6.6 to 984 ft (2 m to 300 m) / Standard mode: 6.6 to 328 ft (2 m to 100 m)
15s measurement time


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